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Welcome to Sørfing, a brand new virtual intergalactic webspaced magazine thats about wave riding, world wide web wackiness, inner and outer traveling and unravelling, people, places,  everything in between and far out.  We will feature editorial sørfing-journeyallism, pictures, poetry, videos and more , we will go out in the world to check out places, talk to the people and report, and maybe we will show hologramic art performances, who knows what the future brings. @ Sørfing we invite you to be the journalist and share your post of adventures, places and people.

Sø is a place along the virtual intergalactic super high way where you can stop by to meet people, share in- and outformation, tell a tale or just listen. Get your mind blown and get on.

Sørfing virtual intergalactic webspaced magazine is founded by hard working men in the arctic land of Norway. Our journalistic and website building skills are on the novise level, however we are on the move so the way will open and we will be learning by doing.

We are surfing the wave of constant change that is our generation, where everyone is a journalist. Knowing that we are only a drop in the ocean of information we have no other agenda than sørfing




to creativly express energy recieved.



noun or verb if you like

the activity of traveling with an open mind to places, people and cultures while collecting stories to share in cyberspace.

written by
Einar Marius


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