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Julius and Einar Marius, surfing in Lofoten 2009


Welcome to Sørfing, a brand new virtual webspaced magazine thats about wave riding, world wide web wackiness, art, inner and outer traveling and unravelling, people, places,  everything in between and far out.  We will feature editorial sørfing-journeyallism, pictures, poetry, videos and more , we will


Ninja Surfing

In the dusky hours of a summer night three members of the Esportivo Tintoriffo Surf Crew was powering down the brand new super highway, away from the metropolis of Osalotagaria, at speeds illegal only weeks ago. There has been many changes in this Viking Kingdom


River Surfing

With the lull that  durated for a couple of months this spring around these parts of the world (south eastern norway), its good that we have had a spring flooding in The Glomma river. The Glomma is Norways biggest river and when these pictures where