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River Surfing

20140526_194754_resizedWith the lull that  durated for a couple of months this spring around these parts of the world (south eastern norway), its good that we have had a spring flooding in The Glomma river. The Glomma is Norways biggest river and when these pictures where taken it was moving about 2100 m3 a second, thats almost an olympic size swimming pool passing by each second. It´s scary. To get out to the wave we use a waterskiing rope, about 20m long, we stand on shore, board in hand. We have to time the launch, cause water actually comes in waves in the river as well, jump on to the board and hang on wakeboard style and carve out to the wave, then comes the hard part. Letting go. One realizes very fast that the water moves even faster, it took me some faceplants before i broke the code of how to be standing in the same place of this fast moving water.

Last week City Boyz sørf crew featuring Augusto Vegas from Peru, met up with the Lokals and had a great session on the river. With a wave standing there through the whole session, and the line up/rope que on shore, the stoke gets high and theres a lot of sharing, cheering, jeehas and hootin´


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